Spanish artist Luis Agulló (1975), is a former Ferrari Concept Car designer. In 2005, he won the international design competition "Ferrari, New Concepts of the Myth". After this, he took part in the creation of the new "Ferrari Style Center" in Maranello, Italy and in designing a number of prototypes for this prestigious brand.


Since 2007, he has been focused on his artistic exploration and in developing art with wooden pallets as his base medium throughout his entire collection.


His most graphic pieces inspire involvement of the spectator in the creative process. As the artist deconstructs the original image onto the pallet, it is one's own subconscious who completes the image via the visual continuity of the lineal form. Without a spectator, the piece is incomplete.


The conceptual and intriguing aspect of his work is the evolution of deconstructing and adapting the physical pallet itself, reinterpreted to literally be transformed as integral to the art expression itself. By re-purposing the pallets, while still respecting the lines, he creates fluid sculptures wherein the basic components of the pallets find new form and life, thus turning the pallet medium itself into a work of art as primary, and the painting or graphics complementary yet secondary in the visionary interpretation.


Through utilizing various techniques, such as painting, photography, digital art and three dimensional collages, coupled with a unique pallet medium, new viewpoints and perspectives are translated from everyday themes. His pieces acquire great depth with each placement of the planks upon the pallets. The oversized and scaled formats both at first create confusion and visual strength in singular moments.